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Welcome to Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC

Our primary goal is to achieve a high level of client satisfaction with all the services that we provide.

At Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services, you get expertise, professionalism, integrity, and dedication.  

Combine that with programs/policies uniquely and strategically designed by an accomplished Social Services professional and Strategist, to provide innovative solutions to social crises. Crises such as homelessness, the increase in crime committed by homeless individuals with mental health issues, and the crisis of men and women released from prisons into shelters (the prison to shelter pipeline), where too often there is a deficiency in services, often resulting in lengthy/permanent shelter stays, the exacerbation of mental health and substance disorders (or the onset of such), and individuals who lack skills required for employment and independent living. This affects crime and safety, exacerbates the homelessness crisis, and offers no support or stability for those released from prison, which slims their chances of flourishing. Lack of options and support (w/housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment, income...) too often breeds criminality. The manifestations of this are demonstrated in the media daily.  

 "Anything that [brings] disorder must be addressed." - Mayor Eric Adams

 There is an outcry for solutions. Formula B Solutions™ programs are the solutions.  

Formula B Solutions™ programs are designed after/by identifying and analyzing current (and past) social and community problems, structures, and systems, and its effects on groups, communities, and society. The crucial and immediate need for responsiveness with innovative strategies and permanent solutions are heeded, and with an innovative approach, the skillful planning and writing begins.  And the results? Social Services programs/policies designed with well-formulated community-based intervention and prevention strategies to not only permanently end said crises, but to also address and treat its core issues. 

Programs are currently available that were strategically designed with pipelines to housing, inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment/support, income, and employment.  


"Focus on the solution, not on the problem." - Jim Rohn

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Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC is a Brooklyn-based, community-focused business that opened its doors on January 18th, 2022, though currently temporarily remote.  


The founder is so excited to partner and collaborate with you to introduce creative concepts and strategies with the goal of creating a widespread of positive and impactful change. She is committed to creating the most innovative and successful programs, as well as providing exceptional consulting services.  


No matter how unique or challenging your business needs are, you can count on Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services to find the right solutions for you.  


"Coming together is a beginning. Working together is success" - Henry Ford

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  Formula B Solutions™ 

Strategic Program Designers &

Consulting Services LLC

Continue to browse below for the list of Formula B Solutions™ programs and consulting services that are currently available.


"Don't find fault, find a remedy."  - Henry Ford


Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers have program models available for: 


Elected Officials 

NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS)

NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) 

NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA)

Service Providers for Single Adult Shelters 

Service Providers for Family Shelters 

Service Providers for MICA Shelters 

NYC Board of Education 


Formula B Solutions™ Consulting Services are available for the following:



 Social Services  

Community Resources  

Interior Design & Decorating | Facilities (Shelters) & Offices


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Home: About
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About the Founder

Ms. Yolanda Billingslea is a creative visionary leader.  She is a Social Services Strategist and Consultant, and the Strategic Program Designer and Consultant at Formula B Solutions™ Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC. 

​Ms. Billingslea, an alumna of Marymount Manhattan College, is a Director of Social Services.

She boasts of an extensive and rewarding career in the Social Services field, highlighting her biggest rewards as seeing the successful outcomes of the residents, hearing their expressions of gratitude, and grooming the next leaders. 

Her professional experience includes work in Human Resources, NYPD Community Affairs Department, training and development, Real Estate, Editing, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, and Interior Decorating; she has exceptional leadership, management, quality assurance, critical thinking, and communication skills. 


Ms. Billingslea is an advocate for shelter residents and for those experiencing street-homelessness. She advocates ending homelessness entirely by creating more safe and affordable housing opportunities and allowing anyone in need access to them. She advocates for ending the pipelines that lead to homelessness, and she also advocates for vastly improved shelter services and conditions (with skilled and professional staff and strict oversight with compliance) centered around safety, trauma-informed care, empowerment, recovery, wellness, and education, and ending in permanent supportive housing. Ms. Billingslea envisions a system/a structure where all who exit shelter do so leaving behind a network of support that they will be able to rely on upon meeting any challenges that has the potential to threaten their wellness and/or housing. These are permanent solutions that will positively change individual and community outcomes.    

Ms. Billingslea is also a mental health advocate. Her heart has always been with the mentally ill, another one of the most vulnerable groups who remains grossly unsupported and impacted by social stigma, noting that the stigma around mental illness is attributed to various types of discrimination and one of the reasons why an overwhelming number of people suffer in silence. Suffering in silence, combined with other factors, can have negative outcomes. She urges anyone suffering from mental health issues to contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at: 988         


Ms. Billingslea’s concept, vision, and mission for Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC was born on January 14th, 2022, after a tragedy occurred in a New York fast food restaurant and where the accuser was a mentally ill unhoused individual with a shelter history. The following morning, while on her way to the office, she hears of another tragedy. It occurred in the subway and the accuser was a mentally ill, unhoused, formerly incarcerated individual on parole (over the years and recently, there have been many of these tragic incidents with identical root causes). This individual was failed by multiple systems/agencies, as countless others are, and yet, this is not new. It is an outstanding, undiagnosed issue - that as a result of it gone untreated, has reached crisis-level. 

Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC have the remedies, through strategically designed programs, to end this crisis.

In both tragic situations, and all of the others, Ms. Billingslea's heart grieved for both the victims and the perpetrators. Having had intensive and extensive exposure to the quality of existing services and lack of needed services in the systems that continue to fail individuals, it is impossible not to grieve for the perpetrators in these situations. And it was at that moment of resolve, on January 15th, 2022, that Ms. Billingslea was certain that well formulated solutions and a strategic plan was needed to end this crisis and that for effectiveness, had to incorporate therapeutic community-based intervention and prevention, address and treat the core issues of mental illness, substance abuse, and unemployment, while ensuring the needed treatment and services to get these individuals on the path to wellness, productivity, and permanent housing.  

On January 18th, 2022, Ms. Yolanda Billingslea became an entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC. She has since created several innovative programs for adult homeless shelters that were purposed to support, improve and maintain the mental health of the mentally ill residents and those with dual diagnosis.

Having extensive experience in Social Services and Shelter Operations, Ms. Billingslea has witnessed both positive and negative outcomes for shelter residents. Therefore, she is keenly aware that with skilled and caring case management/social services (which equals effective case management services and supported and encouraged residents), residents, including those with mental health and substance use issues, have successful outcomes, which includes permanent housing placement, connections to needed services and resources, and employment, for those that are eligible.    

Ms. Billingslea is also aware of the consequential effects that unskilled and inefficient case management can have on shelter residents, especially those with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The results include psychiatric decompensation and relapse. This results in violent outcomes in shelters, in communities, and in public spaces. Prevention is needed.


            "The men and women who have been closest to the problem, [if armed] with the right              

     resources [are] the best ones [to] have the solution." - Andre T. Mitchell, CEO of Man Up! Inc. 

In one way or another (whether personal or professional) Ms. Billingslea’s life has had some of the same experiences as the vulnerable groups for which she advocates for. Thus, her personal and professional experiences, combined with her passion for the mission, unique skills, educational background, and solutions-oriented nature, makes her the perfect candidate to formulate the strategies for the solutions to crises, such as, for example, the prison-to-shelter pipeline.               

The Formula B Solutions program that would end the prison-to-shelter pipeline is currently available. 


​Formula B Solutions Strategic Program Designers & Consulting Services LLC is here with business consulting, management, and planning in social services and public policy, in addition to other services listed on this website. You are guaranteed creative concepts and solutions with intervention and prevention strategies and a great business relationship.  To find out more about the programs offered or to discuss your business needs, contact Ms. Billingslea today to schedule a meeting.

             Follow me on Twitter  @YBformsolutions and be encouraged by my latest blog posts.



   "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones                        we've been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek." - Barack Obama                                 



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